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Need help with several projects over the course of a year where we are designing products that will need to go through various standards. For the USA market, it’s mostly UL and FCC.


We’ve engaged UL and various testing agencies before but without great results. Because we want to integrate safety standard info with our design process, and those groups are better suited to test a product after it’s been designed and made, and then tell you what fails. We need to provide accurate results before the Product is released. Must have broad knowledge of compliance with an emphasis on Cellular and Audio devices.


This is strictly an ongoing consulting engagement with very flexible hours. Ideal for nights, weekends, etc.,


The agencies are slow to react and on the costly side, and therefore we would like to have a local resource here in the Bay Area to offer consulting work.


What would be ideal for us, is to find a safety and compliance engineer who wants to do some moonlighting consulting on an as-needed basis . The basic tasks would be to review safety standards (sometimes 100+ pages) and review our product designs, to advise where particular points in the standards might be risks as apply to the product we’re designing. Since those standards documents tend to be fairly technical and have a particular type of language, it’s ideal to have someone that’s experienced with it.

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