San Francisco
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  1. Ability & experience assembling high density / small component consumer electronics devices:
    - Flex circuits
    - Adhesive
    - Small plastic parts
  2. Soldering skills
    - Extremely fine soldering under a microscope
    - Components & boards
    - Misc rework
  3. Ability to work closely with 1-3 engineers on early stage / evolving assembly procedures
    - Device is still in development
    - Changes, improvements, debug may be required
  4. Document work
    - Take photos with phone
    - Create basic paper trail to document build activities

The technician will work on site . We're EXTREMELY focused on Covid safe environment:

  1. Low density work environment:
    - Technician will have their own work area MINIMUM of 6 feet away from anyone else (likely much more)
  2. 100% masked at all times
  3. Minimum number of staff in the office
    - Alloy only allows staff who are REQUIRED to be in the office to be there
    - Most of our staff are working from home and will continue to do so

Alloy will provide all tools, materials, soldering station, etc.


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