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The scientists will perform clinical assays and clinical chemistry with the novel platform and compare it with existing standards, and optimize assays using existing and novel analytical chemistry techniques. This position reports to a Project Leader or Director of Assay Development.

1. Conduct research and development directed towards biomarker detection in an existing platform
2. Optimize assays to achieve desired levels of stability and performance
3. Develop, optimize, and validate new assays and implement those assays to existing platform
4. Prepare and present scientific reports and compliance related documentation
1. Strong coordination, organization, teaming and communication abilities
2. Works well individually or in a group setting
3. Successfully presents technical information
4. Strong discipline and focus

1. Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, immunology, or related discipline
2. Practical experience in the areas of protein/antibody conjugation and chemical modification
3. Experience in protein purification and characterization
4. Hands-on experience in developing and optimizing immunoassays for biomarker detection
5. Experience in ELISA, IHC, chemiluminescence, chromatography, fluorescence and related techniques
6. Experience in working with physiological samples
7. Knowledge of clinical assays and clinical detection standards


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