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Mechanical Design Engineer -  The mechanical engineer/designer performs design activities and develops documentation for industrial machinery and skid-mounted equipment portfolio. Experience working in one or more highly regulated industries will be strongly considered with transferable experience. Key requirements of this role follow. Title and compensation to be determined based on experience and qualifications.


• Design/update/re-design components for manufacturability, part count reduction, material savings, or performance

• Determine raw material sizes/shapes/qty for manufactured components

• Develop bills of materials and parts list as required

• Develop conceptual designs for prototypes, fixtures, tooling, and new products

• Model machinery or structural assemblies for engineering studies

• Develop required project documentation including but not limited to:

o Purchasing sketches, fabrication and machining drawings

o Customer drawings

o General arrangement and assembly drawings

o Schematics o Installation, operation, and maintenance manuals

• Develop supporting calculations and or simulations of machine and structural components including but not limited to:

o Tolerance/stack-up analyses

o Fit and finish requirements

o Weight, volume, and manufacturability analysis

o Analytical simulations or laboratory experiments & summarizing reports

• Assumes additional related responsibilities as assigned 


Education: Candidates must meet one of the following educational criteria:

• 3+ years of related experience with a bachelor’s in engineering technology from an ABET accredited college or university with a concentration in mechanical, structural, manufacturing, mechatronic/robotics, fluids, or systems 

• 1+ years of related experience with bachelor’s in engineering from an ABET accredited college or university with a concentration in mechanical, structural, manufacturing, robotics, fluids, or systems engineering 

• Consideration will be given to candidates with lesser educational backgrounds provided they have at least 10+ years of related experience and can demonstrate proficiency/ability to fulfil the remaining job requirements 

General -

• Proficiency reading, interpreting, and generating engineering drawings

• Strong written, verbal, and graphical communication skills

• Strong analytical problem-solving skills

• Must be willing/eager to learn & contribute to hands-on assignments

• Must be detail oriented

• Must be capable of working in a multi-discipline, fast-paced, team environment

• Must have proficient understanding of basic physics and engineering principles, i.e. material properties, stress & strain, statics, fluid statics and fluid dynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamic principles.

Technical - 

• Proficiency with GD&T principles and drafting standards

• Demonstrated ability to perform detailed tolerance analyses on multi-piece assemblies, interpret the results, and resolve component conflicts 

• Demonstrated ability to optimize component or assembly designs for manufacturing, part count reduction, material savings, and manufacturability 

• Must be familiar with engineering processes, i.e. change procedures, quality control, and approval processes, document control, and file management of CAD data 

• Familiarity with various manufacturing processes including but not limited to machining, i.e. milling & turning, welding, fabricating, bending/forming, and rigging 

• Fluent with SolidWorks, including assembly modeling, in-context relationships, configurations, bottom up and top-down techniques 

• Experience working with SolidWorks PDM (Enterprise/Professional desired) in a multi-user environment or similar PLM/PDM system 

• Must have demonstrated proficiency using Microsoft Office products including but not limited to Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word 


• Proficiency with AutoCAD or similar 2D CAD packages

• Proficiency with SolidWorks add-ons including weldments, routing, simulation tools, and composer

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